Albury Wodonga Private Hospital
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Your Stay

We strive to provide a positive experience for our patients and assure you that every effort will be made to make your stay with us as comfortable as possible. Should you have any concerns or wish to talk to someone with regard to improving our service, we encourage you to contact us.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Support services

AWPH provides a culturally sensitive environment. We understand the unique healthcare needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. If you identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, please let a member of your healthcare team know so they can offer you support during your treatment. Read more about why you are being asked this question and why it is important to let your healthcare team know here: Indigenous Identification Information.


AWPH offers a high standard of accommodation with the majority of our rooms being private. Whilst we will make every effort to provide you with your accommodation preference, please understand that in periods of high activity, we may only be able to offer you a shared room. Should a private room become available during your admission and you wish to change rooms, this can be arranged.

Air Conditioning

Many of our rooms are fitted with split system air conditioning/heating units. The handset allows you to regulate the temperature as you require.


Due to the risk of persons being allergic to Latex (the rubber substance balloons are made from), only foil balloons may be brought into the hospital.

Electrical Equipment

All electrical equipment bought into the hospital needs to be checked for safety reasons prior to use eg: hairdryers. Please inform our staff if you need equipment checked.

Emergency Procedures

The hospital is fitted with a smoke and heat detection system. All our staff are appropriately trained to handle emergency situations.


Hospital volunteers will visit daily to assist you in caring for your flowers.

Hospital Trolley

Newspapers, magazines and a small selection of toiletries and sweets are available from a trolley which visits patient’s rooms each morning.


Hotel Services staff attend to all rooms and facilities daily. Clean towels are provided as required.


All personal incoming mail will be delivered daily to your room. Your family or friends may wish to send you an email whilst you are in hospital. ‘Email a Patient’ facility may be found on the home page of this website.


Patients at Albury Wodonga Private Hospital receive fresh, innovative, nutritious meals prepared daily by our Chefs. Menus are provided each morning from which you may select meals according to your taste and dietary requirements. (Consultant Dieticians are also available to provide assistance for patients with special dietary needs).

Visitors are welcome to dine with you and meals can be ordered and paid for through our Reception. Lunch orders need to be placed by 10.30am and dinner orders by 3.30pm. Every department has tea and coffee making facilities.

Mobile Phones

When you are admitted please ask our staff if mobiles can be used in your room. Mobiles may be used in all public areas including the coffee shop. Albury Wodonga Private Hospital does not accept any responsibility for loss or damage to your mobile phone.

Notebook Computers

Patients are welcome to use their Notebook computers to connect to the Internet or other Networks through the phone system. Please contact the Hospital Receptionist (dial 9) for assistance.

Nurse Call System

Should you require anything at anytime, please do not hesitate to call the nursing staff via the nurse call button located on the bedside handset. Our staff will endeavour to answer the call as quickly as possible.

Patient Enquires

Patient enquiries can be made at any time by telephoning (02) 6041 1411.


West Albury Pharmacy is located on-site should you or your visitors require any personal items or medications. You will be required to visit the Pharmacy prior to discharge to review your discharge medication information and to settle your account.

Radio and Television

A single handset by your bed allows you to select the local television or radio stations. An in-house video channel is also available on request.

Religious Visits/Pastoral Care

Should you wish a visit from the Clergy or Pastoral Care Visitor, please ask your nurse or see the Ward Clerk of your ward who will organise this on your behalf, or alternatively you may contact them direct.


We promote a smoke-free environment at Albury Wodonga Private Hospital.

Staying with Children

We welcome parents wishing to stay with their children during their hospitalisation. Stretcher beds and recliner lounges can be provided beside your child’s bed.


We realise that friends and relatives will be concerned about you whilst you are in hospital. For your convenience, the telephone system permits calls direct to your room, without the need to be transferred through the hospital telephonist.

If you wish to have calls direct to your room, the following points may prove helpful:

  • It is advisable on the day of your operation to provide your direct number to as few people as possible. This will reduce calls at a time when you may prefer not to be disturbed;
  • Keep a list of people who have your direct number. In the event that you move rooms or be discharged from the hospital, you should advise them;
  • If your telephone rings and you are unable to answer, the call will divert to our Receptionist or Hospital Supervisor.

The cost of local calls is included in your hospital accommodation. All other calls will be billed to you on discharge at commercial rates. You may use your mobile phone within the hospital but request that it is kept on silent mode for the comfort of other patients. Please remember to keep your phone in a safe place.


Patients are discouraged from bringing in items of value into the hospital. Whilst all care is taken with patient property, the hospital accepts no responsibility for damage or loss of patient’s personal items. There is a hospital safe deposit box if required.

Veterans’ Affairs

Veterans who are admitted to Albury Wodonga Private Hospital are all asked on admission if they would like to be visited by the Veterans’ Affairs Representatives. They visit regularly and are always happy to visit Veterans. The hospital also has a Veteran’s Liaison Officer who can be contacted through your Nurse Unit Manager.

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